Cutting grass in Uk

Cutting your grass can be much tougher than it looks. You need a definite plan to deal with tricky aspects such as navigating rough terrain and achieving desired blade length. These are general guidelines for cutting your grass that you should be aware of. Of course, every yard is different and each has its own set of rules.

* Blade Height. Set the blade height on your push or pull lawn mower to the middle setting. Cutting the grass too low results in scorched soil in the sun. Cutting it too long encourages difficult cutting the next time.
* Cut in Rows. The safest pattern for you to cut your lawn as a rookie is straight lines along one of the sides. This will keep your rows even and ensure that you cut all of the blades without missing spots.
* Circle the Beds. When you reach a Bed in the middle of your lawn, cut a row or two around the circumference of the bed. This will make sure that you get all of the blades around a difficult section of the grass.
* Check the Bag Often. One thing that can ruin your lawn is to let the catching bag get too full. Then clumps of grass begin falling into freshly cut rows which can cause the grass that the clumps fall on to die.
* Cut Often. Cutting your lawn often is the best way to encourage it to grow lush and full. Cutting too often is simply a waste of effort and materials. Once every week or so should be plenty for most climates.

Following these simple cutting guidelines will get you on your way to earning lawn of the month in your neighborhood.

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