Landscapers are an ever growing sector in Online Turf’s customer portfolio, advising of the enhancing qualities and effects gained by using our turf.

Further work is also gained from recommendations, a cycle which Online Turf is pleased to promote.

We have provided turf to many landscapers throughout the UK. We regularly have new landscapers signing up for accounts so they can consistently receive quality turf products through the spring and summer months. We also have many returning landscapers whom come back year after year because of the quality they receive. These customers are just as important as the standard home owners that we provide to year after year. Landscapers are using our products to please their customers so it’s of the up most importance that the quality is consistence throughout and this is something we work very hard to ensure.

The turf fields are maintained daily and by using extra unique tools such as our micro-light to check out the conditions of our turf nursery we tower above the rest. We are very confident and we have even added a section to our website where home owners and landscapers can provide feedback for all to see.

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